Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Installation and Refinish

Boost the Beauty and Value of Your Franklin, Fairview & Brentwood, TN Home

Add value to your home with elegant hardwood flooring. Teixeira Flooring and Remodeling, LLC can provide you with a hardwood floor installation and refinish. You can select from a variety of hardwood floors that will go great with your interior design. We are based in Franklin, TN but service Fairview & Brentwood, TN and surrounding Nashville areas.

We also offer hardwood floor refinishing services to help maintain your floors. We use the most updated equipment. All of our equipment can minimize the dust caused by refinishing the floors by 98%. We also use the most updated finishing products, and our finishes have low fumes. You can look to us for all your flooring needs. Contact us at 615-727-4435 to schedule a hardwood floor refinish or installation today.

The benefits of hardwood flooring

Look into our hardwood floor refinishing services because it will:

  • Extend the life of your hardwood flooring
  • Restore the look of your hardwood flooring
  • Increase the safety of your hardwood flooring
  • Protect your hard work flooring 
  • Completely get rid of scratches 

You’ll enjoy the practical and cosmetic benefits of refinishing. We have a thorough process that includes upgraded dustless equipment as an option. Call now to learn more about our hardwood refinishing services in Franklin, Fairview, Brentwood & Nashville, TN or other parts of Central Tennessee.

Hire our team to handle your hardwood refinishing and repair job in Franklin, Fairview & Brentwood, TN

Hardwood floors can add value to your home in Franklin, Fairview & Brentwood, TN or surrounding areas. Teixeira Flooring and Remodeling, LLC can revamp your old hardwood floors. We can repair scratches and dents to reveal the smooth hardwoods you originally fell in love with. Our repair process includes:

  • Sanding down and vacuuming the damaged area
  • Determining the right stain blend
  • Applying the customized stain

Turn to our team when you need hardwood refinishing or repair services.